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I've lived in Brandon for 17 years, coming to MacDill AFB and retiring from the Army after 22 years during that assignment.  I stayed on and worked as a Government Employee working for the Dept of Defense.  Recently retired I am a Contractor and when home here I teach at US TaeKwonDo and Brandon Hapkido on 401 S. Parsons Ave.  I've tried to steadily train in the Martial Arts for most of my adult life and its only since coming to Brandon that I have had the time to devote to what I consider my personal passion.  When not teaching I try to spend time with my Son Alex and Daughter Nicole, who are my reason for driving on!  They help keep me focused and on the right path.  While the Martial Arts have changed within our culture I think a measured combination of adapting the Arts to today's society while maintaining the Morals and Tenets of the Traditional methods of teaching is the way to go.  I'll occasionally try to give some examples of this in my contributions.
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