FIve Ways to Get in Shape for the New Year

Is your resolution to get fit? If so, there are some great ways to get exercise on the beach!

It's a new year and it's time to get in shape! Whether you made the resoultion to get in shape or not, we've got some great exercise ideas you can find on the beach that are fitness oriented and fun!

1. Paddleboarding: Not only in paddleboarding a good workout, it's great way to get out on the water. Because of the balance that you can achieve on a paddleboard, it's a perfect activity for people who want to get on the water and enjoy the scenery. Keep in mind that intercoastal area are better suited for slower paddlboarding though, because of the lack of waves.

2. Biking: Gulf Boulevard makes for a fun bike ride. Even if you don’t own a bike, there are plenty of shops along Gulf Boulevard that you can buy one for a decent price or rent one. A fun way to bike along the road is to choose a local shop and bike out there. Once there, reward yourself with a bit of shopping before heading back.

3. Swimming: Swimming can be one of the best workouts. It utilizes more of your body than traditional exercise and does so in a low-impact environment. The wonderful thing about swimming in the ocean is the natural resistance you’ll get from going against the waves. Be careful swimming out in the ocean though and always do this exercise with a friend. It’ll be safer and more fun.

4. Yoga: The concepts and ideals of yoga fit perfectly with the beach. The extended poses and stretches work your muscles and make you more limber. Doing yoga on the beach is as easy as remembering what poses you’d like to do and possibly bringing a mat to perform on. If you like doing yoga with groups, there are plenty of yoga groups that meet up right on the water.

5. Skimboarding: You may see more kids doing it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great workout. Sprinting toward the water with board in tow time and time again makes for a great endurance workout. If you start performing tricks on the water, you only work your body out more. This is definitely an exercise that requires practice, but it’ll pay off in the end when you can pull off spins and tricks on the waves. If you need a skimboard, there are many shops on the beach that sell them at reasonable prices.


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