New Test, Higher Costs Coming for GED Takers

Time is running out for Pinellas County residents who want to obtain their GED using Florida’s old version of the test.

Pinellas beach residents who plan to get their GEDs might want to act soon before the state changes the test and its associated fees.

The state’s current 2002 Series GED test runs its course at the end of 2013. Starting in January 2014, students will have to take the new, more costly 2014 GED test if they want to gain their high school credentials through this alternative means.

Students who have taken the current version of the test but failed to pass all five parts need to sign up for retakes before 2013 ends, too. Those who don’t will find themselves having to take the entire 2014 test and pay the higher fees, according the Florida Department of Education’s website.

It currently costs $70 for nonstudents in Pinellas to take the GED. The new test will cost $130, according to a media release from Hillsborough County schools.

For more information about taking the GED in Pinellas County, visit the school district online.

To find out more about the GED in general and the upcoming changes, visit the Florida Department of Education online.


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