5 Tax Free Back-to-School Deals

OK, so it's officially the Florida Tax Free Holiday through Sunday. But where to shop? Here are some local tips to make it easy.

1.) Reno Beach Surf Shop: A surfer shop may not be top of mind when you're back to school shopping. But the 4th Street North store not only has some back-to-school clothes (including sandals) and supplies (such as backpacks), it is offering $45 in coupons to folks who stop by today. That should be enough incentive to get a lot of folks in the door. Reno Beach Surf Shop is at 1031 4th St. North.

2.) Dali Museum: The Dali is promoting "surreal deals" at its museum gift shop. Your kid also is likely to stand apart form the crowd with a wavy watch. That's a good thing, right? The gift shop is offering 25 percent on back-to-school items, and you can order online for some web-only special. But we like the Dali, so stop by the coll museum gift shop, too.

3.) Ellenton Outlet Stores: Venture across the Sunshine Skyway Bridge to the Ellenton Outlets for tax-free back-to-school savings on all clothing under $75. Merchandise at the outlet stores already is discounted 25 percent to 65 percent. So expect added savings.

4.) Walmart: Shopping local is great, but most everyone ducks into a favorite big box store for great deals, convenience and stuff you can't find anywhere else. Tax-free plus Walmart makes for some sweet deals. Walmart seems to lead the way this year in back-to-school deals with its nifty guide that lets parents and kids enter their school name and zip code to see if their supply list is posted. If so, you get a handy rundown of the supplies, with prices. Even when your school is not listed, there's a handy menu of suggested school supplies per age group.

5.) Other Big Box Deals: You don't need a membership to shop at Sam's Club today-Sunday for the tax-free "holiday." This is the time to check out whether Sam's Club is for you.


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