Sunset Beach Alcohol Ban Coming Feb. 2

Starting Februrary 2, the drinking ban on Sunset Beach will go into effect until September 29.

For those looking to bring alcohol to Sunset Beach, your time is almost up.

The ban on having alcohol on Sunset Beach will be re-enacted on Saturday, Februrary 2 and last until September 29, according to TBN Weekly.

The ban will prohibit alcohol on the beach 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.

Caddy's, which is placed right on the beach, will still be serving alcohol during the time period.

The beach areas effected are from 85th Avenue North to 95th Avenue North.


CJ January 31, 2013 at 09:58 PM
Yeah...that's funny about the sign...but you do realize it scrolls a longer message...right...lol?
RugglesJames February 02, 2013 at 05:59 PM
It has nothing to do with litter on the beach it has to do with drunken behavior on the beach and in the surrounding residential area. Parking on lawns, parking in residential areas, drunken crowds, loud obnoxious persons, fights, public urination and defecation, public sex, underage drinking. The beach should belong to everyone and drunken, unruly slobs prohibit family activity and ruin the community. Go to a bar or stay home but keep the booze off the beach and not just certain times but all times.
CJ February 02, 2013 at 07:01 PM
Ruggles. Thanks for the great reply. I am rather new here (10 months) and have not been there ''much'' (about 6 times)...but I guess I have just never been there and seen any bad out-of-control drunken behavior that you mention. But I will take you at your word and can believe it. It sucks how a few bad eggs ruin things for the rest of us. It really is pleasant to be able to casually stroll with my wife and ''a'' beer...and walk the shore until sunset there. After All...since you can't park on the beach...just how much beer can one person actually carry...lol? Although, I never tried taking a wheel barrow along. I did notice the ban was basically just during the main part of the day on Sat and Sun...and I have never been there then. I usually go there during the week....after work or so...usually for dinner, happy hour, etc...and the sunset. I do remember seeing a lot of alcohol related litter, though. It was quite blatant the amount of it. That said, I guess still being able to having alcohol with you on that beach during the weekdays is a nice compromise? You can't do it anywhere else around her I know of...at least not yet...unless you want to tell me of some beaches to go to near here off the beaten path. Does ''off the beaten path'' even exist here? I wish I knew a local beach you could drive your car to the shore and then spend the day there. I disagree that a place like that should not be around for responsible people who can drink, smoke, etc, and still be civil.
Renata Vergers February 05, 2013 at 01:56 PM
While freedom is a value paramount to all Americans, it does not mean freedom to urinate or defecate in someone else's front garden - both of which happened to me while I lived there. Another brave soul asserting his freedom to park across my driveway tipped over my garbage can on my front lawn when I asked him to move his vehicle. I then asserted my freedom to bear arms, got my gun and made him pick up every last piece of garbage that littered my front garden - by which time he had enjoyed enough freedom, got in his vehicle and found another parking spot.
CJ February 05, 2013 at 09:58 PM
Oh come on Renata...that is an amusing story, but don't insult people's intellegence here...as if you don't think anyone here is wise to gun laws. If you had done that...''you'' would be the one who would get arrested. Knocking over someone's garbage is an accident. You can't pull a piece out for something like that. I am laughing at the thought of how many violations you could get charged with there...and probably all of them Federal charges. Serious stuff, Renata. Don't be rediculous. Do you have any idea of how serious the charges woujld be agasinst you for using a gun like that? You need to brush up on your gun laws, or you will end up in bigger trouble than any bad guys doing harn to you. You sound like a nice lady and I'd hate to hear you get the shaft when all you were doing was trying to protect your property. Doing it that way would backfire for you. Be careful. Take my advice on this. Ask a guy named Zimmerman about that.


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