Planned Madeira Beach Complex's Cost Issue of Worry

Due to issues from the community, Madeira Beach is taking a step back with their planned municipal center.

Residents of Madeira Beach have voiced their concerns about the new Madeira Beach Municipal Complex, according to Tampabay.com.

Due to feedback from the community, the Madeira Beach city commission is not authorizing anymore architectural planning and is looking more at the projected costs.

After the costs are adjusted and agreements are made, Madeira Beach may do a mail-in survey on the projected center.

The new center is planned to include a new city hall, fire station and recreation center.

In addition, the baseball fields near the city hall will be redone.

The project is currently projected at costing $9 million to build.

Hugh Gersch January 02, 2013 at 10:28 PM
There are homes being built in Florida that cost twice as much as 9 million dollars. Like the "Good Old Boys " would say....Get'r done!...It's about time Madeira Beach took on some class and stop worrying about those gray haired Republicans and their outcry to save money. Let's show some leadership.


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