New App Lets You Keep Up With Your Reps. in Tallahassee

The app, which is now available to download from iTunes, allows you to watch live meetings and see what your local representatives are voting on.

It can be challenging enough to keep up with all of your local officials along the Gulf beaches, let alone with leaders in Tallahassee. 

With a new mobile app launched this week, however, it will be easier for you to keep up with what Rep. Larry Ahern , Rep. Kathleen Peters  and other Florida house members are doing. 

Speaker Will Weatherford announced the launch of a free app this week, which is available for iPhones, iPads, Droid smartphones and Droid tablet devices.

“The Florida House of Representatives is proud to provide Floridians with new and exciting ways to access information about our chamber by launching the ‘FL House’ app for iOS and Android devices,” said Weatherford in a news release. 

Soon, users will be able to read bills, contact House members and watch meetings on their smartphone and tablet devices through a mobile app that I believe serves as a model for the nation,” Weatherford added.  

What does the app allow you to do? According to the iTunes description :

  • Contact your member of the Florida House of Representative by accessing his or her email address, phone number and office location under the Members tab;
  • Browse House committees to find out which bills are under consideration by which committee;
  • View House calendars, including the Chamber Calendar, Committee Calendar and Events Calendar and plan to attend House of Representative public events when visiting the Florida Capitol,
  • Watch the Florida House live by accessing streaming live video (only available during interim committee weeks and the regular legislative session);
  • Look up bills and track them by subscribing to push notifications on all bill actions;
  • Access House publications including the House telephone directory, Clerk’s manual, leadership directory, administrative directory and committee directory;

You can download the app for free from the iTunes store by clicking here

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