Indian Rocks Beach Approves New Waste Collection

Indian Rocks Beach residents will be receive new trash cans and have to take them to the curb.

Indian Rocks Beach is adopting a new waste collection that will switch up the way trash is collected in the city. 

The City of Indian Rocks Beach has voted to switch to a new uniform trash can that will have to be brought to the curb to be emptied, according to Belleair Bee.

The new can will work in conjunction with new equipment that would do all the lifting of the trash can.

The new cans have wheels and a lid and will cost the city $200,000.

The can will also come in two sizes, 48 gallons and 64 gallons.

The new waste collection rate will also be cut from $29 to $25 with hopes to makes the cost $19 a month.

The waste collection system will get started as soon as the cans are ordered and delivered.


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