County to Put Fluoride Back in Drinking Water

Newly-elected "pro-fluoride" commissioners Janet Long and Charlie Justice attended their first Pinellas County Commission meeting last week, where commissioners unanimously decided they'll vote Tuesday to put fluoride back into the c

Fluoride appears to be making a comeback in Pinellas County, now that the commissioners who voted to remove it about a year ago have themselves been voted out of office.

Newly-elected "pro-fluoride" commissioners Janet Long and Charlie Justice attended their first county commission meeting Nov. 20, where commissioners unanimously decided to put fluoride back into the county's drinking water, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

"When we come back here after Thanksgiving, we are prepared to take that vote and flip that switch," said Long.

The Times reports that commissioners John Morroni and Norm Roche, who opposed fluoride last year, have changed their minds and will vote to put it back in the drinking water.

The Pinellas County Commission plans to vote on the matter during its meeting Tuesday, Nov. 27.

Water from the City of St. Petersburg Public Utilities does contain fluoride. According to the city's website, "the City of St. Petersburg began fluoridation of its water supply in 1993. Fluoride has been shown to help prevent tooth decay, especially in children.

Do you think fluoride should be put back in Pinellas County's drinking water?   

nyscof November 28, 2012 at 12:35 PM
The fluoridationists fed Pinellas County Commissioners false information that legislators failed to fact-check. The deep pockets of the fluoridationists and their political ability to oust any commissioner who didn't do their bidding spoke louder than the truth. Their leader, Dr. Johnny Johnson, read false information out loud to the commissioners about the recent Harvard study which showed fluoride is linked to lowered IQ. He said it was at levels higher than allowed in US water supplies. That is not true. The Harvard research reveals studies which show lowered IQ in children who live in areas that have water fluoride levels the US EPA allows in water supplies, and even at levels the US considers "optimal." Johnson should know better. We have corrected him many times. He said the 2006 National Research Council (NRC) report which concluded EPA's allowable water fluoride levels are too high to be protective of health should be ignored because it only regarded naturally fluoridated water. That's not true. What the NRC report really found that fluoridation safety is not settled, or crystal clear or absolutely safe as is claimed so often by people who don't tell the truth. NRC said that studies have not been done to actually prove ingesting fluoride is safe. http://www.fluoridealert.org/researchers/nrc/recommendations/
fluoride November 29, 2012 at 10:10 PM
Who is in charge of the fluoridation medicine? The National Sanitation Foundation. The NSF requires numerous toxological studies proving it's "safe and effective" (this should be the FDA's job and systemic fluoride products are not approved ). The NSF does not have a single study and defers to the suppliers. The suppliers should have them. They do not. Carroll- Boone Water District and Crescent City have written to over 40 suppliers of the drug for the tox studies and have not received a single reply. Looks like it is against the law. Who is responsible to check that the drug is in compliance with the law? The City and/or water departments attorney along with their Municipal League Risk Management Pool . A water operator can not substitute endorsements for due diligence. The water operators are the only ones that can select and ultimately be responsible for the benefits or harm from consumption of the product.


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