Another Growth Spurt for Florida

Predictions are for the total number of residents to top New York State. What does that mean for residents and Gulf Beach communities?

All it took were a few sunny spots in the Florida economy for folks to pack up and move to the Sunshine State.

Florida's population growth was the third-largest of any state through 2010, according to an article in the Tampa Bay Times. The article was based on new figures from the U.S. Census looking at trends from 2000-2010.

With the latest trend, some demographers already are predicting that Florida will barrel past New York State to become the third-most populous state in the nation.

Does that mean bigger traffic jams? Longer lines at the mall? Less space for the beach blanket on the sand?

Probably so, if you follow the numbers. According to the Tampa Bay Times:

By the close of 2010, Florida had gained about 3 million new residents in the preceding decade, while New York gained about 400,000. That put Florida's population at about 18.8 million, and New York's at approximately 19.3 million.

Is there enough room for everyone, or do you want to close the doors and throw away the key to new growth in Florida? Let us know in the comments below!


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