Activists Keep Pressure on Rep. Young

GOP Congressman Bill Young won re-election Tuesday night, but still faces criticism from the Florida Consumer Action Network.

Even though Republican U.S. Rep. Bill Young won handily Tuesday night against Democratic challenger Jessica Ehrlich, the Florida Consumer Action Network has not stopped efforts to challene Young for his support of the "One Percent."

At 4:30 p.m. Thursday afternoon, FCAN and other activist groups will hold a protest outside WorkNet Pinellas, 3420 8th Ave. S.

According to a statement released by FCAN, American wants "jobs not cuts."

On the heels the closest election victory in 20 years for Rep. Bill Young and a severe rebuke to Republicans "trickle down" economics in Pinellas County’s presidential results, residents of Florida’s 13th Congressional District are calling on the congressman to heed the signs that his constituents want jobs, not cuts in the upcoming “lame duck” Congress.

Activists who are part of Florida Consumer Action Network, Florida Public Serves Union, Awake Pinellas, and other community groups say Rep. Young’s victory is offset by voters support for President Barack Obama, their support of Senator Bill Nelson, and support of champions of the 99% up and down the ballot. 

The protesters say the protest is to highlight the will of the voters in hopes Young will take steps to help the middle class. 

Young won on Tuesday night 57.61 percent to 42.39 percent.   


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