Real or Fake? Patch Attempts to Settle The Great Christmas Tree Debate

It's a question that has raged since the dawn of the fake Christmas tree. We want to know which side of the issue you stand on and why.

Real tree or fake?

It's a question that doesn't have a correct answer, like 'Coke or Pepsi?' and 'Ginger or Mary Ann?'

And like most highly debatable issues, there are passionate supporters on both sides of the fence.

Real tree supporters love the smell, ambiance and authenticity that comes with having a fresh cut fir overcrowding the living room, while faux tree fans prefer the hassle-free, nature friendly convenience of a non-living tree.

With tinsel flying on both sides of the argument, Patch decided to get to the bottom of the debate.

So Harborites, which type of tree do you prefer? A real one or a fake one? Vote in our informal poll to register your response, and let us know the reason behind your choice in the comments below.    


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