Patch Reader, Cancer Survivor Wins Spa Treatment

One lucky Patch reader and breast cancer survivor has won a $25 gift certificate to Healthy Being Wellness Center in St. Pete.

Congrats to Patch reader Kelli Guinn, a breast cancer survivor who was selected as the winner in our recent spa gift certificate contest.

We asked readers of Pinellas Beaches Patch and a few neighboring Patch sites to comment on our story and tell us why they needed a day at the Healthy Being Wellness Center in St. Pete. 

Here's what kelligirl had to say:

It’s been an arduous 38 months dealing with two separate breast cancers. I have had a lumpectomy, a mastectomy, a few surgery related infections and a nine hour latissimus dorsi flap procedure that encompassed a week in the hospital.

From that surgery, I acquired a resistant life-threatening whopper infection that challenged my health and state of mind for nine months. I have endured several surgeries and hospitalizations fighting off this horrendous disease. My last surgical procedure in the reconstruction phase will be Feb. 22nd. Yahoo! 

A deep massage would be my first breath of fresh air as a whole person and a survivor!

Congratulations! Thanks to everyone who entered and to Healthy Being for the $25 gift certificate prize!

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