Vandalism at Merry Pier

The Pass-A-Grille dock and fishing area was hit by vandals on New Year's Eve.

The Merry Pier didn't get a very welcoming start to 2013.

The Merry Pier employees opened on the first day on 2013 to find that they had been vandalized.

Their ladder was missing, trash cans had been flipped over and chairs were thrown into the water, said Nancy Davidek, co-owner of the Merry Pier.

"Anything that wasn't tied down, was messed with," Davidek said.

The vandals also took the bird rescue cages from the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary that are used house injured birds until they can get help.

"At least once or twice a week, we have a bird needs medical attention," Davidek said.

The seabird sanctuary is going to bring down new crates, but Davidek said she may have to rethink the policies about leaving the dock open at night.

Davidek said she doesn't think that the fishermen that use the dock at night are the people doing the vandalism.

This vandalism isn't the first case. A few months back, a composite bench was broken, Davidek said.

Despite the vandalism, the Merry Pier continues to hold to their name.

"We're moving forward with a positive attitude for 2013," Davidek said.

Davidek has requested that people call the ploice if they see anymore suspicious activity or vandalism at the Merry Pier at night.


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