Swim With the Gators In Your Own Pool

The Alligator Attraction's novel offer lets humans swim with alligators. Here's how the staff makes it safe for people to take the plunge of a lifetime.

While you may have heard of swimming with dolphins, have you ever heard of taking a dip with an alligator?

Taking the plunge with a gator is one of the many innovative ideas that Alligator Attraction in John’s Pass has put into action.

Since school has started, there are fewer people coming to check out the gators at John’s Pass, but that doesn’t mean the staff (or the reptiles) get a vacation.

“If you have a pool at your house, we can bring an alligator to swim at your home,” said Lewis Gaff, general manager of the Alligator Attraction.

Not only will the alligator be lounging in the pool, but people will get a chance to actually swim with the gator.

While the alligator has it’s mouth taped shut so it can’t bite, Gaff gets in the pool with the alligator to make sure everything goes okay for both the alligator and the swimmers.

Swimming with gators can a interesting and unique experience for parties, the gators in pool can also be hired as a bit of a practical joke

“It’s a lot of fun. You can hire us to bring an alligator to your house with no one knowing about it and I’ll throw him in the pool. After, everyone can swim with the alligator, which is a once in a lifetime experience,” Gaff said.

While the gators can go on trips, the Alligator Attraction is also open to having school kids take field trips to see the gators.

The Alligator Attraction is approved by Pinellas County Schools for field trips and they have lesson plans set for all different grades of visitors, Gaff said.

In addition, Alligator Attraction also is focusing on birthday parties and encourages groups of kids to come and learn about the Florida reptiles.

“All the kids can feed the alligators. All the kids can hold the alligators. We give them an alligator show,” Gaff said.

If you’re thinking you’d want to swim with an alligator, do a birthday party or schedule a field trip, call up the Alligator Attraction at (727) 329-8751 for more information.


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