Valentine's Day Gift, Outing Ideas on the Beaches

If you're looking to spend locally and give whole-heartedly, this is the list of ideas for you.

Cupid's big day is a month away, and Pinellas Beach Patch is here to inspire some unique options to choose from around the area.

Whether it's a handmade gesture or a fine dining experience at a beach-based restaurant, keeping your dollars local will please your valentine and your neighbors.

Ideas Around the beaches

Make dinner reservations at one of beaches finest establishments. Spinners are all promising choices.

For a more laid back, bar vibe with a view, visit Caddy's or Ka' Tiki

Visit one of beaches' unique shops and find the perfect trinket or piece of jewelry.

Order some take out from a local establishment and visit Sunset Beach around dusk for a romantic approach.

Simply Fun Ideas 

Create a customized scratch off for your valentine with options like a "free back rub" or a "cook you dinner" surprise.

Set up an "Army of Love" around the house by taking a handful of army men and attaching notes of sweet thoughts.

This bundle of affection will bring a smile every day for an entire year with 365 reasons you love the one you're with.

Breakfast in bed is a great alternative for couples wanting to stay away from the dinner crowd. Heart shaped bacon or cinnamon rolls is sure to brighten your valentine's day.

From Money Savvy Michelle: recreate your first date or write a love letter.

Use an assortment of your love's favorite treats for a candy bouquet made by you.

Make your own soap and add some creativity for a pleasantly surprising Valentine's Day gift.

This trendy idea reveals to your valentine 52 reasons why you care about them in a one-of-a-kind package.

Prepare your special someone their favorite meal or dessert and include a bottle of wine that will add to the flavor. Use this list of pairings for help.

You can't go wrong with the traditional approach of a bottle of champagne. Add a personalized note for added appeal.


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