What to Do When You Suspect Animal Cruelty

Animal abuse and cruelty is a terrible thing, but there are steps that you can take if you suspect it.

The recent crime involving the cruelty against the four kittens put in a freezer serves as a reminder that animal abuse is still prevalent in our communities in Pinellas.

While the cruelty is horrible, there are actions that you can take to help the abused animals, or prevent the trauma all together.

Pinellas County Animal Services advises that when you suspect cruelty, to call them at (727) 582-2600 or e-mail them.

Some signs of cruelty are: 

  • Wounds – especially untended ones
  • Animals who cower in fear or act aggressively when approached by their owners
  • Thin and sickly appearance
  • Patches of missing hair
  • Limping
  • Tick or flea infestations
  • The animal being struck
  • Being left outside without food or water
  • Being left outside in harsh weather, without access to shelter

Cruelty can also include the negligence of animals, as well as the killing and maiming of animals.

In order to help prevent cruelty, Pinellas Animal Services recommends people to speak out and be educators of prevention and to take care of their own pets with clean food, water and regular veterinary visits.

For more information, visit the Pinellas County Animal Services website. 


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