Utilizing the Warm Weather

It's been unseasonably nice lately! How are you taking advantage of the change in temperatures?

This would normally be the time of the year to huddle inside with a cup of cocoa in Florida because of the cold. Admittedly, it doesn't get that cold, but with temps normally in the 80's, it's easy to feel chilly on a 60 degree day.

Suprisingly, the weather lately has been unseasonably warm, even by Floridian standards, with temperatures in the 80's.

We want to know how you've been taking advantage of the warmer weather. Have you made some extra trips to the beaches? Maybe you've hit up the intracoastal for a bit of paddleboarding. If you've taken advantage of the warmer weather, we want to know.

Tell us in the comments what you've been up to in this fine January weather!


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