Women's Running Half-Marathon Results

Congratulations to the runners who participated in the recent Women's Running Half-Marathon and 5K in St. Petersburg. You are all winners!

Here are the race results from the Women's Running Half-Marathon and 5K races in St. Petersburg. With self-discipline, grit and determination, each and everyone was a champ.

Check out Gene "Doc" Webb's photos from race day, where his wife also participated. If you want to see more of Gene's photos, go to Pics & Clips, our community scrapbook of photos.

Here are race results for the 2012 St. Petersburg Half-Marathon:

Top Women

OvrPl Name Time 2 LONI SMITH 01:24:19 3 LAURA RODRIGUEZ 01:27:53 4 DIANA SITAR 01:31:32 5 BROOKE CASTELAMARE 01:31:55 7 JESSICA SEBOR 01:32:39 8 LAURA OSTERWEIL 01:32:50 9 LISA CANNELLA 01:33:02 10 MEGAN PATRONO 01:33:11 11 ANDERSON WAKEFIELD 01:33:14 12 MARCIA MCCORMICK 01:33:29

5K Results

Top Women

OvrPl Name Time 1 LAUREN LUMLEY 19:42:00 2 KAREN KEEFE 20:11:00 3 TAYLOR STONE 21:36:00 4 CHRISTINA NOORDSTAR 21:59:00 5 TENIEA LAYTON 22:46:00 6 GINA DI SANTO- BURGE 22:53:00 7 LINDSAY TAYLOR DRAKE 22:55:00 8 LORI STONE 23:05:00 9 KELLY GRIEVES 23:58:00 13 KAREN ALEXEEV 25:14:00


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