New Years with the Kids

Just because you can't go out doesn't mean you can't have fun!

While New Year's Eve has predominantly been a holiday based on going out and ringing in the new year with gusto, some of use don't have the opportunity to do that.

Just because you have kids doesn't mean that your New Year's Eve has to be spent at home in front of the televison, though. Here are five ideas that'll let your kids have as much fun on New Year's Eve as you.

1. Fireworks on the Sand: This one is easy enough. Pack up the kids and head to the beach. Find an area further away from the bars and set your own clock to let you know when the ball is going to drop. Fireworks are a guarentee and you'll be able to chill out with the young ones while enjoying a beautiful night sky.

2. Break out the Board Games: I know this sounds lame, but it can be one of the best New Year's Eve activities. Pick out a long board game and play with the kids. The last time I did this with my stepkids, we played Trivial Pursuit and were still playing long after midnight.

3. Prepare a Feast: Sure, normally it's about drinking on New Year's Eve, but food is still important. Make a plan to make a whole selection of different kinds of foods so you can continue to chow down as the clock strikes twelve.

4. Hang out with your Parents: If they're local, they always love to see their grandchildren. Granted, this may not be an option for whoever doesn't have parents nearby, but it does allow you to have an extra set of eyes looking over the children during your own personal New Year's festivities.

5. Throw your own Party: Who say's not going out means not hanging out with friends? Take the initiative and throw your own year-end kickoff with other parents you know. You can set up a room for all the kids, while the parents can party with each other. The kids will enjoy spending New Year's Eve with others their own age as much as you will.


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