5 Tips to Avoid the Flu

Florida's flu season may last through February. Here are a few simple steps for staying well.

1.) The flu virus can live up to 12 hours on countertops and doorknobs. It's not a bad idea to wipe down hard surfaces at the home or office, including keyboards. Using disinfecting wipes is quick and convenient. Keeping a spraycan of Lysol handy is not a bad idea either.

2.) Advise family members to cover their mouths when they sneeze or cough. Avoid people who do not take this precaution because it is a sure way to pass along flu germs.

3.) If you do not have to shake hands, then don't. The contact allows for the virus to be transmitted if the person then rubs his or her eyes or mouth.

4.) Remember when Mom said to wash your hands? Well, she was right. Health experts say use soap and sing "Happy Birthday" twice to yourself to know that the job is well done.

5.) You've heard it at least a dozen times now. Get a flu shot. It's your best protection for staying well this flu season. Here are 5 Local Places to Get Your Flu Shot.  


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